Penteostal Revival Church






Lessons 1. 2 Sam. 12:1-14.     2. Luke 12:1-12



I greet you all in the name in the name of Invisible Jesus Christ our Lord.

Who was in the beginning with God and the same was the word that preceded out of the mouth of God that became human being who lived with us He manifested himself to us but the world knew him not.

I thank God Almighty for your life, for my life and for the life of my father in the Lord who gave me the grace to preach the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to you today. As you all know am not ashamed to preach the word of my Father Jesus Christ for it is my duty and my calling to evangelise and win souls for Kingdom of Heaven.  1 Tim.1:11-12 which says: According to the glorious gospel of the blessed God.

Whenever I come before you I determine not to know anything among you save Jesus.  Christ purposely came to save me, you and the entire world, for the whole world is corrupt. That will lead us to today lessons. 2 Sam.12:1-14 and Luke 12:1-12, but before we go there as we all know in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and on the 6th day He created man. Let us hear what God said about the creation turn to Gen.1:31.

In Gen.3:1-7.  Now their eyes were open.  They know what is good and what is evil. Then the spirit of evil, anger, pride, envy, argument, stealing, bad thoughts and murder entered into them.  That was why Cain killed his brother Abel in the field. This wickedness continued until God decided to destroy the generation of Adam.  He started a new generation from Noah which we are all living now. God made a covenant with Noah that He will not totally destroy the works of his hand any more.  But God’s anger was kindled against the Land of Sodom and Gomorrah so he destroyed them all.  Since then, God has judged people  individually, because God don’t want the death of sinners, but for them to come to repentance.

The Topic of our Sermon today is Repentance

Now the 1st lesson of today Verse1 we all know the story of King David, Uriah and Bath-Sheba, how King David took Uriah’s wife and killed him, this is the judgement of God to King David.

King David repented and the Lord said he will not die.

We all have passport when we came to this world which is our name but the biblical visa to salvation is repentance we have to repent from all our sins before God can forgive us.

When John the Baptist started his ministry he said repent Matt.3:7 and when Jesus started his ministry also He started shouting repent from your sins Matt.9:13.Let us see the 2nd lesson Luke 12:2 for nothing is hidden under Heaven. All sins are before God.

Luke15:7 Angels rejoice in Heaven for one sinner who repents. In the book of St. Luke 24:47 and the 1st sermon of the new Church to be borne by Apostle Peter was repent Acts 3:19 and his 2nd sermon he emphasized on repent.

Early preachers preached repentance, but the modern day preachers cannot preach repentance because they are afraid of the members. That is what Jesus said in the second lesson Luke 12:4.

Jesus said not everyone that says “Lord” will be saved unless they do the right thing which is to repent your sins. If you don’t give up your sins, you cannot see Jesus and that is for you to know that you have no Life.  Brethren in Christ repentance is your Visa to Salvation and is a saving grace from God.

 Let us rise.